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A big welcome to you, and thank you for stopping by at our website! Qmov.com is currently the biggest and most dedicated DVD download moviesite available on the net, and we hope you’ll help us stay that way.

At the moment there are many movie sites claiming that they have a lot of high quality movies available if you’ve signed on to their member’s areas, and sadly enough, this most often is not the case. Due to that, we’ve tried creating a website entirely based on high quality, and being movie-surfers ourselves, we like to think that our understanding on this matter is pretty good - Qmov.com is the result of that. 

We hope to provide you with a true quality site containing everything that belongs to a good moviesite.


Q: Is it really secure to signup to Qmov.com?
A: We understand that the security issue is considered one of the main worries for people who wish to subscribe online entertainments. That’s why we have taken every possible step to insure 100% safety and anonymity. We're encrypting all data with state-of-the-art 128bit encryption, and that means, your data is stored in secure, enterprise-class data centres managed and monitored around the clock. So signing up at Omov.com shouldn’t lead to any trouble at all.
Q: Do you limit the download speeds and what about daily download limits?
A: Absolutely not, we once joined a movie site that had a daily MB download limit, some sites do have that. We however, don’t like that idea at all, so there are no limits on either download speed or DATA amount :)
Q: How often is Qmov.com updated?
A: We update the big movies everyday with a new fresh scene! (200-400MB!) - the smaller movies are updated 3-4 times pr week.
Q: Is this one of the stupid AVS pages??
A: No, this site is maintained by professionals. We are programmers and webmasters, and we have dedicated support people ready to assist you 24/7. This also means that the servers are never overloaded, so you can download the movies in no time.
Q: Do you have movies available in different sizes for fast and slow connections?
A: All our DVD movies are encoded in 3 different versions so everybody can pick the size and quality that fits their internet speed and quality demand.

here are images that show the 3 different moviesizes available inside:

192x144Px - Slow internet speed (300kbps)

320x240Px - Medium internet speed(800kbps)

448x336Px - Fast internet speed(1300kbps)
Q: I have a fast DSL connection, can I make use of its fast download speed??
A: Our huge members area is located on several load balanced servers, which makes it possiple to maintain a lightning fast download speed!

Actual download speed example:



if you have anymore questions, don´t hesitate to email Jessica from our support department click here


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